Wild Animal Control

Wild animal sitings are a common occurrence in the world we live in. However, it is one thing to see a squirrel run across the fence in the back yard but it's another to having them living in the attic, causing all kinds of havoc. It is true, we have built our homes in their environment. We should expect them to take advantage of our homes when they can. As our homes age and the foundation settles; cracks, crevices and openings will develop. Wild animals and rodents will take advantage of this. Using their senses, especially their keen sense of smell, they can easily detect the interior odors being emitted through the openings in our homes to the outside world. This is why wild animal control is a two fold approach. First we want to remove the undesirable animal as quickly as possible. Then we want to prevent this from happening in the future by sealing up any potential assess points.

When in doubt, call us out!   


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