What Is The Difference Between Flying Termites and Ants?

  1. While both species have four wings, the termites wings all all the same size. While winged ants have noticeably larger wings in the front and smaller wings n the back.

  2. Termite wings are twice as long as their body. Ant wings are shorter and more proportionate to their bodies.

  3. After landing the termite will break their wings off. It is common to find just the wings along the window and door sills. Winged ants will not break off their wings.

  4. Termites antennae are almost straight where the ant's antennae is elbowed.

  5. Ants appear distinctly segmented, in the shape of an hour glass with a very thin waist. Termites have a broad waist and are mostly a uniform width along their entire body and appear to be a straight line.

At Omega Pest Management, we have combined over 30 Years of experience with the latest technology to give you the best termite control options available.


Whether your goals for your termite treatment are:

  1. You are staying in the home short term and are looking for an economical approach.

  2. You are planning to stay in your home for many years and are looking for a cost effective program that will provide the maximum results.

  3. Your concern is the impact it will have on the environment and are looking for viable GREEN approach.

The Omega Promise:

  1. We will develop a customized treatment plan that meets your goals and protects your biggest investment, your home

  2. Omega will provide treatment options based on your home’s specific construction type because we understand that every home is unique and not all types of construction should be treated the same.

  3. You’ll receive written specifications, customized diagrams and an inspection report after your consultation.

  4. The Omega Certified Termite Service Technician is a highly trained individual able and ready to correct the termite infestation from your home or business

  5. The Omega Termite Service includes a full service warranty. If termites return we promise to re-treat the problem at no additional charge*.


Omega: a Name You Can Trust

Your Omega Certified Termite Service Technician undergoes a rigorous training program with emphasis on termite biology and behavior, construction  types and practices and an in-depth study of treatment methodologies . He will devise a customized plan that uses the most current and least invasive treatments to help keep termites from destroying your home.


The Omega Guarantee.

We are committed to keeping pests in their place. Our treatment warranty covers everything that we need to do to keep termites out of your property; there are no additional fees or hidden charges. If termites return, we’ll re-treat it!  Our warranties are on the property so if the home is sold the warranty can be transferred to the new owners.


Don’t Be Eaten Out Of House And Home.

Left untreated, termites can literally eat up the equity in your home. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cost Americans more than $5 billion in damages each year. That’s more than fire and flood combined. Their destruction knows no bounds because any home, regardless of its construction type, can offer the ideal combination of warmth, moisture, and food for a termites. Additionally, many homeowners’ insurance plans won’t cover any of the damage. Not having protection can lead to problems when selling a home, since many lending institutions require a termite bond before lending money to home buyers.



*Provided that an active service warranty is in place.

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