Spotted Lanternfly Treatment Schedule

Timing is everything when trying to control the Spotted Lanternfly. Hiring  a company to to preform SLF treatments It is important to make sure that they have a full understanding of the insect, protocols  and treatment, a company like, Omega Pest Management. 


Types of Treatment Methods


Contact Insecticides If systemic insecticides are not used, frequent use of contact insecticides may be needed to control SLF for the entire season. Always apply insecticides after bloom is finished to help protect natural enemies and pollinators.

Soil Drench - Little data on soil drench applications of insecticides to control SLF is available to date. The insecticide needs time to be taken up by the tree roots, and this is often the method with the greatest time delay until it begins to kill SLF. Soil drench application is a commonly used method, especially for formulations widely available to home gardeners.


Soil InjectionBased on current information, injection with has been successful at killing SLF in a variety of tree species, including tree-of-heaven, silver maple, and red maple. Death of SLF has been observed in less than 24 hours after injecting a tree. 

Trunk SprayThis treatment program is currently being used by USDA APHIS and the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia Departments of Agriculture. Observed death of SLF may take longer than with injected applications but is still likely to occur within a few days of treatment. 

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