Mice and rat control become a big priority in the fall and winter, however rodent control is an all-year-round concern. Rodents move indoors when the days begin to become shorter and the temperature starts to drop. Sources of food and shelter bring these pests to your home. Myth: Once a rodent establishes a home is a dwelling it will not leave, even when spring comes. Rodents will not leave their habitat as long as their three needs are being met: Food, Shelter and Water. 

Signs of Rodents

Mice and rats do more than just leave behind their droppings in your cabinets. These pests eat holes in your stored food, chew holes in fabrics for nesting material, chew holes in baseboards and drywall, chew on the electrical wires which can lead to a fire and worse of all  leave behind fecal material (droppings) and urine everywhere,.  All of which can have negative health effects on you and your family.

  • Tracking of bacteria, including salmonella

  • Potentially harmful diseases such as hantavirus

  • Damage to stored goods

Stop rodent problems now with Omega Pest Management!

Complete Rodent Pest Control Solutions

Omega Pest Management understands the need to quickly and effectively control rodents in your home or business. Your service technician will inspect and evaluate your property for rodent entry points, along with sources of food and water that may attract them. We will at that time develop a treatment plan that addresses control along with keeping children and pets in mind. Omega Pest Management provides complete rodent control as part of all of our Protection Plans. During seasonal visits from your service technician we will revisit past entry points and ensure that no new ones have emerged, keeping your property free of mice and rats throughout the year. Call Omega Pest Management today for a free estimate

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