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In any facility where food is handled and stored, proper pest management is critical to operating a safe, clean and regulatory-compliant business. If there is food, there is a risk of infestation. Pest management is often challenging in a restaurant setting as a result of various factors: the abundance of food, ideal moisture, ideal temperature conditions, extended business hours and various pest harborage sites. In the face of so many challenges, Omega Pest Management has developed service protocols that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the peat management program.

Communication between your Omega Service Technician and your restaurant personnel is vital in order to develop a successful and effective treatment program. Restaurants face four chief pest concerns: cockroaches, flies, stored product pests and rodents. While rodents are dreaded among restaurant management, the visibility of any pest can hinder a restaurant’s business.

Inspection of your facility is necessary on every service. This will allow your Omega Service Technician to establish the pest hot Spots, areas that your facility may be vulnerable. While specific hot spots can vary from restaurant to restaurant, there are general areas of any structure that require special attention to ensure a pest-free environment.

  1. Waste Storage: The most common outdoor hot spots develop in the dumpster areas due to improper garbage storage and disposal.

  2. Entrance and Exit Points: The easiest mistake an employee can make is to leave kitchen doors open. This is literally inviting pests to come in!

  3. Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: Proper outdoor lighting is important because pests are attracted to light.

  4. Be Aware of Neighboring Facilities:  A neighbor’s unsanitary behavior can lead to pest problems, as pests will travel from facility to facility.

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