Tenants Will Rest Assured 

Multi-Housing dwellings, property managers and landlords face enormous challenges in providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for tenants. Pest control is a critical service that can affect tenant satisfaction, regulatory compliance and building profitability.  

Pest issues left unresolved can carry and spread disease putting tenants  – and your reputation – at risk.  Some pests can even destroy or seriously damage buildings, leading to expensive repairs. 

Omega Pest Management has invested in the 3-P’s – People, Product and Process -  

By developing customized programs that address the needs of your facility Omega Pest Management is able to address the challenges you face day to day. 

Property Management Will Rest Assured

We’ve developed comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for all areas and environments within a facilities, whether it be an apartment above the garage, a large multi-unit complex or high rise.

The Omega Service Technician is a specialized individual who is trained in the following areas:

  • Integrated pest management (IPM)

  • Bed bug detection and elimination

  • Fly management and drain cleaning

  • Rodents and other harmful pests

  • Cockroaches, ants and other insects

  • Pest and sanitation consulting 

Having the Omega Service Technician servicing your facility you can be assured that you are being provided the highest level of protection in any circumstances, for any reason, guaranteed.

Bed Bug Eradication For Residential Occupants 

For tenants experiencing a bed bug infestation, it  can be a physical and psychological challenge. There are many ineffective remedies that can test one’s financial and emotional limits. Omega pest Management offers several treatment models from those requiring preparation  to services in which no preparation is required. You Omega Pest Management account representative will help you navigating through these options, so that you can choose the one that is for you facility.

Omega Pest Management Is A Trusted Partner

This is why the Omega program continues to be the best solution for residential, assisted care, and healthcare environments. 

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