How to Mosquito Proof Your Yard

The key to managing mosquitoes is to eliminate the things that are attracting them to your property. Sounds simple enough, so what exactly do mosquitoes need and why are they finding your backyard so attractive?

Mosquitoes need stagnate water in order to complete their life cycle. Eggs must be laid on the surface of slow-moving or standing water. Your first step in managing mosquitoes should be to remove any and all potential breeding areas – anyplace that water collects – from your yard. This will provide long-term control over mosquito populations and also controls populations before they mature and have a chance to reproduce. 

When most people think of standing water, they think of a stagnate body of water like a pond. Standing water is any body of water regardless of its size that doesn't constantly move. It can even be just a 1/4 inch of water on a saucer under a flower pot or a few drops of water in the cap of a water bottle.

You should do a detailed inspection of you property and turn over anything that can contain water. This is something that should be performed on a weekly basis. Things you should look at are:

  1. Inspect the gutters and rain barrels, make sure that the water runs freely and there are no puddling areas.

  2. Check tarps on boats or other equipment that may collect water in pockets or indentations.

  3. Pump out bilges on boats.

  4. Pick up broken, unused, or discarded toys.

  5. Cans, bottles, and plastic bags

  6. Turn over unused flower pots

  7. Change the water in bottom of plant containers, including hanging plants, at least twice a week. Make sure that all plant containers have adequate draining.

  8. Make sure that the water in vases and bird baths is changed at least once a week.

  9. Replace water in pet or other animal feeding dishes or toughs at least twice a week.

  10. Dispose of broken or unused swimming, kiddie or wading pools.

  11. Wheelbarrows and mortar tubs

  12. Ornamental pools and fountains

  13. Cellars, crawl spaces and window wells

  14. Remove old tires tire or drill holes in the tires used for playground equipment so that the water can drain out.

  15. Pick up plastic wrappers used for food or other products. Yes, mosquitoes can breed even in a discarded potato chip bag that has collected water.

  16. Don’t leave garbage can lids lying around upside down.

  17. Check plants, such as bromeliads, with large leaves that may collect water in axils, where the leaves join the stem. Eliminate the plant, keep it inside, or flush it with a spray of water or tip the plant over to empty stagnant water at least twice a week.

  18. Check holes in trees or stumps that may collect water; remove stumps, plug holes with sand or cement, or flush out with a spray of water at least twice a week.

  19. Remove vegetation or obstructions in drainage ditches that prevent the flow of water.

  20. Fix dripping outdoor faucets that create pools of water.

  21. Anywhere that collect's water or puddles when it rains

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