Our Story

My name is Dennis Mayhew and I am the founder of Omega Pest Management. I started this

company because of a need in the pest control industry.​ The major players in pest control were

quickly raising their prices while servicing jobs in less time. As a result quality and service

suffered. During this time I was working in Delaware as a manager/sales person for one of these

companies. I was finding it difficult to sell their services when I knew full well that they were

not the company they used to be and that the mom and pop company down the street could do

it cheaper and better. So after a lot of prayer and discussion, I decided to become that family

owned company down the street, just in New Jersey.

I founded Omega Pest Management with four core principles:

  1. Honest People - Omega will only sell services with integrity and honesty. We will only hire the best people and take the time to thoroughly train them. This way you can be assured that whoever comes to your home or business has extensive knowledge on how to correct any concern that you may have.

  2. Quality Service - Omega will only provide services that we know will have a positive outcome. We will not cheapen our service by removing valuable parts of the treatment process just to lower the price. We know pest control and we will only do it the right way!

  3. Fair Pricing - At Omega, we know how much it will cost to correctly control pests. We do not inflate our prices. We believe that if we offer a fair price for our services, customers will respect that.

  4. Customer Service - Customer service is lost in the market place. Everything is about customer acquisition, margins and profitability. While those things are important, the customer has gotten lost in the process and have become just a number. I have taken a slightly different approach. I learned from my father, who was a local farmer, that the most important thing about business is people, then profits. That if you first, care about people and treat them with respect, the profits will follow. At Omega Pest Management, our customer service is bar none!

If this is the kind of company you would like to do business with, then Omega Pest Management would be honored to become your pest control provider.

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